Maison Carrée, Nîmes, France

In Nimes, we first visited the Roman arena. After, we wandered through some small streets on our way to the only completely preserved Roman temple, the Maison Carrée. We came upon it almost by surprise, as the small streets opened into a wide Plaza with the temple planted in the middle of it. We made a circle around the temple, and my friend pointed out details I might otherwise not have noticed not having been a classics major. We entered the temple, but I was disappointed to find that you couldn’t actually see any of the inside. It had been turned into a theater where they present a 3D video of the history of the area. 3D is difficult for me to watch, and being in the darkened theater only made me sleepy as I was tired from driving and our late arrival/early rising. The part I enjoyed most of the video was that we could see what the temple would have looked like on the inside had we visited in the past.

(The last photo of the series was suggested by my friend. My photo project was juxtaposition of man and nature, but she pointed out the great juxtaposition of old and new of the two buildings.)

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2 thoughts on “Maison Carrée, Nîmes, France

  1. great photos 🙂 wanna visit 🙂

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